Play Pokémon Crystal Anywhere With Ease

If you are looking for a way to play Pokémon Crystal from anywhere with ease you will need to install an emulator on your computer. The emulator is specialized software that will let you play the Pokémon Crystal ROM. The Pokémon Crystal ROM is the same game as what is experienced on the Gameboy Advanced (GBA) just you don’t need the actual Gameboy Advanced to play Pokémon Crystal. You may be wondering how this is possible, the emulator that you install makes your computer think it is a Gameboy Advanced and the ROM reads just like the original game so aside from having different controls the game should essentially play the same way.

Selecting the Right Emulator

In order to have the most authentic Pokémon Crystal experience, you need to locate the most suitable emulator. This may sound like an easy process but it will take time on your side to complete. The first thing you need to do is find out what emulators are the most stable running in the Gameboy Advanced environment, not every emulator is capable of providing a stable experience so you could look for the emulator that has the largest number of positive reviews from people who are or have used it to play Gameboy Advance ROMs including Pokémon Crystal.

Pokémon Crystal ROM

Once you have sorted through the list and selected the particular emulator that has a great number of reviews you can install it on your computer and test it out. You really want to put the emulator through its paces before you start playing it on a regular basis. Something you might consider doing to protect yourself is to find out whether the emulator being reviewed is bundled with additional software. What some websites do is bundle the emulator with additional software you may not need, this is one way the website earns money but you could be opening yourself up to potential viruses so it would be in your best interest to seek out emulators that are from trusted sources. Along with vetting the website that is offering the emulator you need to screen the website that is offering the Pokémon ROMs just to protect yourself from allowing potentially malicious code from entering your computer.

After you are satisfied that everything seems to be above board you should download the Pokémon ROM. If you are trying to make the most of your gaming experience then you should consider investing in a gaming pad, these gamepads are relatively inexpensive and can provide you with a great gaming experience that is comparable to the actual Gameboy Advance. Now that you know about these emulators you really show download the Pokémon ROM and begin enjoying yourself, just be sure to double check and make sure you are legally allowed to play these ROMs in your jurisdiction aside from that requirement everything else should be smooth sailing on your end.