Picking out your best rabbit transport cage

For those who love to travel with their favorite furry animals, fondly remembered over the Easter holidays, here are just a few select choices for them. These are your best rabbit transport cage selections with which you can gift your pet with. You gift yourself as well in the sense that you can take your cuddly pal with you on a long trip. Particularly if you are a singleton, there is not a snowball’s chance that you can even leave your furry friend in the care of someone else while you are away for so long.

No doubt, if left in their care, they would try their best but they just will never understand and appreciate the love that goes into taking care of a rabbit. You know this well enough, but even a rabbit has special needs. In this hurly burly urban environment of ours, one special need that poor little Jack Rabbit has is safety and security. A rabbit cage, those that have been recommended and specially built for this purpose, takes care of his needs.

While you have your eyes on the road, the rabbit transport cage fulfils similar needs, more or less. While you are driving, the rabbit can rest awhile and feed itself whenever necessary. You need to carry those cages too. The Favorite Rabbit cage is one such cage. It’s not expensive either. There is also the Deluxe Pet Carrier which, just by dint of its name, is also ideal for carrying other small pets in. Pet Kennel Direct has been purposely built for the bunnies as well.

So, there you have it. So far so good. At least three choices to have a look at so long. The Favorite, the Deluxe and Pet Kennel Direct. The Favorite is as light as your bunny. For your convenience and comfort it also has a shoulder strap for you to utilize. It is ideal for short walks to the park and also for those dreaded but necessary visits to the vet. This compact and lightweight carrier is also roomy enough for your rabbit to be stationed in for comfort’s sake.

best rabbit transport cage

The Deluxe has been especially built for those larger than average rabbits. The cage is over twenty inches long and fifteen inches wide. It’s still ideal for average sized rabbits. Even more space to sit in while in transit. The cage is surrounded by wire mesh which is safe for the rabbit in the sense that the animal cannot chew through it. Vents for light and air has also been provided, so it is not as though you will be transiting your bunny in a box.

Pet Kennel Direct’s cages have been specially built for air travel, meaning that you can take your bunny with on long trips during festive holidays, including over the Easter weekend. Also surrounded with wire mesh, these cages have been built to air travel specifications.