Picking out your best rabbit transport cage

For those who love to travel with their favorite furry animals, fondly remembered over the Easter holidays, here are just a few select choices for them. These are your best rabbit transport cage selections with which you can gift your pet with. You gift yourself as well in the sense that you can take your cuddly pal with you on a long trip. Particularly if you are a singleton, there is not a snowball’s chance that you can even leave your furry friend in the care of someone else while you are away for so long.

No doubt, if left in their care, they would try their best but they just will never understand and appreciate the love that goes into taking care of a rabbit. You know this well enough, but even a rabbit has special needs. In this hurly burly urban environment of ours, one special need that poor little Jack Rabbit has is safety and security. A rabbit cage, those that have been recommended and specially built for this purpose, takes care of his needs.

While you have your eyes on the road, the rabbit transport cage fulfils similar needs, more or less. While you are driving, the rabbit can rest awhile and feed itself whenever necessary. You need to carry those cages too. The Favorite Rabbit cage is one such cage. It’s not expensive either. There is also the Deluxe Pet Carrier which, just by dint of its name, is also ideal for carrying other small pets in. Pet Kennel Direct has been purposely built for the bunnies as well.

So, there you have it. So far so good. At least three choices to have a look at so long. The Favorite, the Deluxe and Pet Kennel Direct. The Favorite is as light as your bunny. For your convenience and comfort it also has a shoulder strap for you to utilize. It is ideal for short walks to the park and also for those dreaded but necessary visits to the vet. This compact and lightweight carrier is also roomy enough for your rabbit to be stationed in for comfort’s sake.

best rabbit transport cage

The Deluxe has been especially built for those larger than average rabbits. The cage is over twenty inches long and fifteen inches wide. It’s still ideal for average sized rabbits. Even more space to sit in while in transit. The cage is surrounded by wire mesh which is safe for the rabbit in the sense that the animal cannot chew through it. Vents for light and air has also been provided, so it is not as though you will be transiting your bunny in a box.

Pet Kennel Direct’s cages have been specially built for air travel, meaning that you can take your bunny with on long trips during festive holidays, including over the Easter weekend. Also surrounded with wire mesh, these cages have been built to air travel specifications.

Reasons Why Marijuana Should be Legalized

Legalization of marijuana has been a topic of vigorous debate over the last few years. The debate is centered on whether marijuana as a drug is safe for the public to consume. While there have been groups like the Committee for Sensible Marijuana Policy that have been reaching out to politicians. Perhaps it would be prudent to take a different approach other than the ones being used by the Committee for Sensible Marijuana Policy to have a better understanding of things.

Marijuana for Recreational Use

There are millions of people across the country and hundreds of millions around the world who smoke marijuana for recreational purposes. These individuals are not just “slackers” as some organizations would have you believe, the same people who drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes may also smoke marijuana. The primary difference between these is that tobacco and alcohol is classified as legal while marijuana is not. We have millions of people breaking the law each and every day they smoke marijuana much like people would drink alcohol during the days of prohibition which had very limited success. When the government prohibited the consumption of alcohol it didn’t stop people from drinking, it forced them to become criminals by going to a “speakeasy” for a drink.

Instead of having criminals earn millions of dollars the government could legalize marijuana and earn taxes from it, these taxes could pay for a variety of government programs. Aside from the taxes, there would be legitimate jobs created for the growth of marijuana, this would boost the economy and force the criminals out of the marijuana industry.

Marijuana for Medical Use

Committee for Sensible Marijuana Policy

On the other side of the debate is the use of marijuana for medical purposes. There are people who have serious health issues that conventional pharmacology cannot adequately treat. Take an individual who has cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy. This chemotherapy may kill the cancer cells inside the patient’s body but it will also destroy healthy cells and decimate the individuals’ appetite. When the patient stops eating they lose weight, become weaker which reduces the effectiveness of the chemotherapy.

When that same individual goes through chemotherapy but the treatment is augmented with the use of marijuana their appetite will improve. This boost in appetite will make the patient eat more so they can maintain their strength. Another benefit aside from the improved appetite is the pain relief the patient will experience. While there are legal avenues for an individual to get access to marijuana it is complex and time consuming, this delayed treatment means the cancer patient is going to suffer needlessly.

Marijuana has the ability to treat a host of different chronic conditions that are not a serious as cancer but the first step is legalizing marijuana which can be done if there is sufficient political will. People are going to use marijuana whether it is legal or not, so with that sentiment in mind it would be highly advantageous to move the conversation forward and have marijuana legalized.

The Top 7 – Best PS4 1TB and 2TB Hard Drives of 2017 Revealed

PS4 game players know how much excitement the system brings their way. Tons of games provide endless hours of fun for players of all ages. And, thanks to the many technology advances, interacting with others, and even getting in on a game with them is simple. But, if you are without a hard drive for your system, you may be limited with the number of games you can save on your system, interfering the fun of the system.

What is a PS4 Hard Drive?

A hard drive gives you the space that you want and need to save progress on all of your games. Without the added hard drive, insufficient space is a realistic possibility that many people face. Hard drives give you peace of mind and confidence that the fun is never going to stop. But now, there’s the question of which hard drive to buy.

The hard drive selection is endless. It seems there is a hard drive made by every company. And while many of those hard drives will provide you the extra storage space that you need, they all have different features and functions which make some better than the next. Some aren’t worth the money they cost and will likely disappoint you. This is the last thing that you want to experience. How do you know which of those models is best for your needs? You do a little research.

The Top Choices

You can find a list of The Top 7 – Best PS4 1TB and 2TB Hard Drives of 2017 revealed if you want to make things even easier in your life. This list has 7 of the most impressive hard drives listed and reviewed for you, saving you time, headache and hassle while ensuring that your money is spent on a hard drive that won’t disappoint. The information is provided to you at no cost, and can be access by any one, at any time.

The Top 7 – Best PS4 1TB and 2TB Hard Drives of 2017

You will find hard drives in all price ranges, with 1TB and 2TB memory options. Decide how much you want to spend on the hard drive before you begin your search. This is a lot of space, so if you are a serious gamer, you are going to love what these hard drives can do for you. They’re all fun, easy to install and even easier to use, and available for purchase right now.

Although choosing the best product for your PS4 can bring challenges, there’s also many ways to overcome those challenges if you try hard enough. In this case, it I as simple as reviewing the list of the best products. These hard drives have been tested and proven to work wonderfully. Do not go another day without an added hard drive on your system. There is fun to be had, and there is no reason that you should miss out due to insufficient space. Choose your hard drive and let the games begin.